In Defense of Pete Cenarrusa

We lost a great Idahoan, American and Basque recently.  Pete was one of a kind.  I wish more politician were like him.  I have chosen to post a blog from A Basque in Boise with her encouragement.  My husband and I met Pete on several occasions and he always would tell the story of how his parents, his father was a sheepherder and his mother a maid, met at my husbands grandmothers boarding house in Shoshone.  Pete was fiercely proud of his Basque heritage and of Idaho.  Idaho PBS did a documentary on Pete years ago where they followed him back to the Basque Country and to his families home.  I remember hearing the photographer said that it was like following a celebrity around.  Everyone knew Pete.

In Defense of Pete Cenarrusa: In Memorian (1917-2013)